Jim Burnworth is a hunter, a provider, a teacher.  He loves God, his family and his country.  He is an icon in outdoor television as a professional hunter and host.  He is also producer & director in broadcast television for national and regional level programs for over 25 years.  He has a passion for the outdoors, wildlife conservation and the traditions that accompany this way of life.  He is a technical archery, firearms expert and professional hunter who spends over 300 days each year on the road.  He has taken hundreds of trophies from all over the world.  These trophies aren’t just taken to hang on a wall, but have fed people in all walks of life as well.   If he’s not hunting, he’s sharing his passion and knowledge about the outdoors through his writings, seminars and special events or producing television and video projects that are shared and enjoy all around the world.  Above all and foremost in Jim’s life, he is a wonderful husband to his wife and best friend, Lorrie and an incredible father to their five children.

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