Media Jungle covers numerous aspects of television production.  Pre-production, field production and postproduction are all part of what we do on a regular basis. From television series and commercials to product, technical difference, web or training videos and so much more, we are able to help our clients achieve their promotional and marketing goals.  We capture quality high definition video and slow motion footage combined with animations, creative graphics and a few extra touches we are able to deliver an end product that won’t disappoint.   In a day and age when Internet and television are the consumer’s main source for entertainment and education, we move people to watch, engage, join and purchase.   We pride ourselves in producing high quality products that meet our client’s needs and respect their budgets.  Some of our previous clients include, Pepsi, Chevrolet, ESPN, Fox sports, Bowtech, Limbsaver, Victory Archery, Innerlock broadheads and Liberty Safes, to name a few.  Please browse around here to see a few examples of some of our previous work and feel free to send us an email below if you have a video project you would like to discuss.


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Check out some more videos that we have produced!

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We produced our own hunting shows.  Check them out.

Some Of Our Clients

We normally produce various media elements for our sponsors.  Give them a look, their names might be familiar.

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We travel.  A lot.  Need your product filmed in world class locations?  Check out the outfitters that we frequent.

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We can help.  We area full shooting and editing facility located in the beautiful northwest.

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